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Life’s a piece of cake for this little sweetie. She’s the leader, the prom queen and top of the class. You can’t really say a bad word about her, because she means no harm. She’s just always so good at everything! Smart, sensible and always tastefully dressed, she loves to top off a day of shopping with treats from her favorite café!


With a sweet 'n' sour personality, this girl can really burst your bubble. Her attitude can sometimes get her into sticky situations, but her Shopkins™ friends know that she can be as sweet as candy when she wants to.


She may look chilled, but Peppa-Mint is always having meltdowns! Maybe she keeps losing her cool because she's so warm hearted! Shy and a little syrupy, she sticks close to her friends & loves getting the scoop on all the gossip in Shopvil

Polli Polish

Polli Polish always has the hottest colors at her fingertips! Splashin’ some fashion on her nails is what she does best! But her style only starts at her fingers, she loves to match it up from head to toe! When it comes to creating the latest look, she nails it every time!

Rainbow Kate

Being brilliant is a piece of cake for this Shoppie! Full of fun and always on the go, nothing is ever done slow. Her friends never feel down when she’s around because she brightens up the gloomiest day. And how do her Besties find her when she’s out shopping? Easy, they just look up and follow the rainbow!


Always chasing chocolate with a head that’s filled of sweet dreams! Cocolette is soft-centered and a real sweet treat to be with. Such a delight, Cocolette’s sweetness will melt your heart!


When it comes to grace and style, this girl can really twirl! She’s sure to impress in a sparkling dress that’s just Tutu Cute! It’s show time in no time when Pirouetta and her Shopkins are around. Practice makes perfect for this Prima Ballerina. And she won’t stop ‘till the curtain comes down!


She’s really shy and sensitive. Her friends are always getting her to try new things!


An adventurer with big dreams and kind to the core!


There’s one word to describe this fashionista: beautiful. Lippy Lips lives to shop, loves to gab, and leaves her mark wherever she goes!


A day dreamer with a huge imagination and often away with the fairies!


Warm and full of surprises! A great friend to see a movie with. She’s a bag of fun!


Sometimes she’s a hat, sometimes she’s a lampshade! She’s so bright she’s always wearing shades!


Crusty on the outside but warm on the inside. It’s a tall order being a breadstick!

Taco Terrie

This Tex Mex is always full of beans and can go a bit over the top! Then he starts to become hard to handle!